Public organization “Women’s Federation for World Peace” was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in 2007. This is a voluntary, nonprofit, nongovernmental, nonpartisan, international public organization that unites on a voluntary base citizens of Ukraine and other states as well as corporate members in achieving goals and tasks provided by the organization Charter. Federation operates based on the principles of transparency, legality, voluntariness, equality, unity of interests of its members, openness and democracy, humanity and self-government.

The organization goal is is to satisfy and protect the legal, social, economic, cultural, creative, sporting and other interests of its members, aimed at reviving and strengthening of human, national and family values.


Federation has the following objectives:

  • promotion of women working together in order to consolidate their efforts in building a civil society, healthy families, solving complex problems that women and families are facing, education culture of peace, formation of highly spiritual, moral and family values with the goal to create a peaceful world family that goes beyond culture, religion, race or nationality and seeks a common prosperity, harmony and well-being;
  • promotion friendly relations between women of different nationalities in Ukraine and abroad to overcome the political, national, cultural, religious and racial barriers;
  • cooperation with state and public institutions, mass media in order to promote moral, spiritual, creative, intellectual and physical qualities of man, and to cover the Federation activity;
  • participating in the educational and research activities on human relations, family, marriage, human rights, rights of women and their social protection, protection of motherhood and childhood, health, education, world culture, history, philosophy, religion and other;
  • facilitate promotion of idealistic philosophy, which is the basis of human value and fostering a friendly, optimistic and life-affirming attitude;
  • promotion educational programs and activities that encourage keeping chastity and morality, promote the creation of strong marriages and the formation of belief based on family values, strengthen the relationship of generations;
  • facilitate research in the field of education and ethic education and publishing the results of these studies, propaganda achievements in cultural and moral education;
  • research and promoting the ethical systems of different cultures of the world, promoting the dissemination of information from different fields (psychology, pedagogy, aesthetics, literature, art, history, culture, technology, religion, medicine, etc.), which promotes education of the general population.

To perform the tasks Federation provides the following practical steps:

  • In order to develop humanitarian, cultural and other contacts it cooperates with women’s organizations in Ukraine and other countries, national and international organizations, associations and unions, foundations, businesses, educational, cultural, health and other institutions;
  • organizates and holds charitable events, projects and programs, organizes conferences, seminars, symposiums, lectures, educational programs, contests, discussion clubs, meetings, “round tables”, public surveys, exhibitions and other events;
  • participates in national, state and regional programs that contribute to achieving the goals and objectives, assists in organizing and conducting of concerts, festivals, cultural evenings and other cultural and educational activities;
  • participates in international programs, makes agreements with non-governmental organizations and companies of other countries, participates in activities of international companies, associations and unions, including the rights of their members;
  • getting involved in helping talented young people, teachers, scientists, students, pupils;
  • promotes the creating, organizing and holding various trainings, clubs and courses, including the teaching of foreign languages, the creation of audio and video;
  • delegates its members to participate in international symposiums, conferences, seminars and other activities in accordance with the law;
  • provides its members with information, organizational, material support of those issues that help the organization to carry out its tasks.