Given the important role that women play in solving the problems our society is facing in this century, we are increasingly aware of the urgent need for a new vision and decisive leadership. That is why, on April 27, 2017, the “Women’s Federation for World Peace” (WFWP NGO) together with the Department of Military Education and Science, Social and Humanitarian Policy of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine held the 10th Annual International Conference in the Central House of Officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The International Conference was dedicated to Mother’s Day on “The Role of Women in the 21st Century”.

The conference began in the large hall of the House of Officers with the musical performance of the beautiful women’s vocal trio “Zirnitsya” from Vinnitsa.

A warm welcome came from the adviser to the President of Ukraine Oleg Medvedev, who congratulated the women on the Mother’s Day and expressed his hope for fruitful cooperation with women’s NGOs.

The representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, head of the department of the Research Center for Humanitarian Problems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Reserve Colonel Victor Topalsky, wished peace to all and noted that Ukraine’s power is in the unity of men and women.

People’s deputy of Ukraine in the VIIIth convocation Georgii Meparishvili appealed to all present, emphasizing the importance of developing a women’s movement in our country, especially at the state and public levels, and warmly congratulated women on Mother’s Day. Together with the hostess of the event, the head of the WFWP NGO board Tetiana Kotseba, Georgy Nodarovich held the solemn ceremony of awarding “Woman of the Year” the outstanding women of our country. In the nomination “Woman-mother of patriot” the award was received by Oksana Kizilo – mother of the youngest Hero of Ukraine, Major Andrei Kizilo. Oksana Borisivna was worshiped by all the conference participants, her relatives among them, as well as the chief of the Kiev military lyceum (KML) named after I. Bogun, the Hero of Ukraine, Major-General Igor Gordiychuk, commander of the 1st educational company KML, Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Pyhol`, as well as Lyceum students of the 1st training company of KML, which her son Andrei graduated.

In the nomination “Woman-People’s Deputy” the award was handed over to the People’s Deputy of Ukraine in the VIIIth convocation Svetlana Woitsehovs`ka. The “Woman-teacher” award was presented to the Excellence in Education of Ukraine, philology teacher, head of the “Renaissance” club, founder of the “Ukrainian Light” in the “Irpin Economic College” of the NUBiP Ukraine Zoya Kirichenko.

After a bright and inspiring musical greetings from the Romensky Children’s Ensemble “Joyful friends” playing on spoons spokesmen, Moriko Hori, President of the Women’s Federation of Japan, addressed the guests with a sincere message in which she noticed how uniquely identical were many events taking place in both Ukraine and Japan and the value of the experience gained.

An extraordinary impression on the conference participants was made by the words of Catharina Bauer of the Women’s Federation Austria, who, in Ukrainian, conveyed her message to all Ukrainians without an interpreter, urging them to cooperate for the sake of peace in our country and around the world. Kotseba Tetiana and her colleagues held the award ceremony for the winners of the “Woman of the Year” Contest.

In the category “female politician” awards were presented Lyudmila Manchak – Excellence in Education of Ukraine, Director of the House of children’s creativity in Shevchenko district in Kyiv city and to Larisa Pasevina – head of the department of service in Romny city library for adults. The award “Woman, mother of many children” got Yana Yanovska – mother of three children, a speech therapist, defectologist, Head of Humanitarian Staff of “All-Ukrainian organization on the issues of forced migrants.” The “Female Volunteer” Award has passed into the hands of Valentina Voitsehivs`ka – a poet, a representative of the All-Ukrainian “Progress of women-peace-bearers” NGO. In the category “Woman Artist” the award also found its heroines Marina Sarkisyan – artist, designer, member of the National Union of Folk Art of Ukraine and Valentina Bihan – composer, poet, member of the Kiev city branch of the creative union “Association of pop artists of Ukraine” .

The results of “WFWP” NGO activities held in 2016 were well-covered in the video report. Tetiana Kotseba remarked about the organization’s goals in her speech, reminded of the historical value of women’s movements, which should raise future leaders of society based on the principles of peace, harmony and love. Tetiana Yuriivna emphasized that there will be no peace until the conflict between men and women is resolved, whose value is the same; when they will be proud not of their force or beauty, but of their mutual love, and take responsibility on themselves, which includes an active contribution and a great hope for a bright future like the spring, which everyone likes. After this inspirational speech, the awarding of the winners of the children’s contest “My Mum is the Best” organized by the “WFWP” NGO in cooperation with the All-Ukrainian “Family Times” newspaper on the occasion of Mother’s Day was held.

There was also a festive lottery with a prize draw.

The high note of the conference, taken from the very beginning, has finished the unsurpassed performance of the Honored Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We thank all the representatives of public organizations, state institutions, outstanding artists, educators, scientists, international guests from Japan, Austria, Slovenia, Belarus and other countries, representatives from different regions of Ukraine and Kiev for participation in the 10th anniversary conference of the “WFWP” NGO! Let Ukraine flourish, as spring in the good days, thanks to our joint active efforts and a great dream of peace and harmony in families, society, countries and around the world!