On July 18, 2017, at Charity Fund (CF) Caritas-Kyiv, headed by Director Roman Syrotich, a project for parents with children from IDP (internally displaced persons), organized with the support of the Humanitarian Headquarters of the All-Ukrainian Organization for the Forced Migrants and the Women’s Federation for World Peace was held.

The children took part in the master class “Intuitive Right Brain Painting for All”, which was held by Svetlana Shukshina – a children’s and family medical psychologist, psychotherapist in the Gestalt approach. This drawing technique helps to get rid of the internal clamp and complexes, learn self-expression and communication in the team, return people to a positive attitude through artistic creativity, develop intuition, increase intellectual potential. This is possible due to the fact that under such a drawing technique both the hemispheres of the brain work simultaneously: the left, which is responsible for the logic, and the right that is responsible for intuition and creativity.

While the children were painting, the mothers and event organizers talked and talked about their life while having a cup of tea and coffee. Head of the Humanitarian Office Yanovska Yana, coordinator of the projects of NGO “WFWP” and employee of the Caritas-Kyiv CF Victoria Kabatska told about the activities of the organizations they represent and invited their moms also to join good deeds that fill our lives with new energy, friends and inspiration.

The head of the board of the NGO “WFWP” Kotzeba Tetyana shared her life experience, vision for the future. Women also talked about themselves and the changes that have taken place in the past three years. One of the IDP families has lived in Kiev for three years, moved from Donetsk, and changed three apartments for which you have to pay a lot of money. Another mother told that a year ago, she came from Donetsk with a younger child to reunite with husband who has been working in Kyiv for several years to be finally with the whole family together. But the elder daughter because of certain circumstances does not want to leave home in Donetsk, where you can still experience the fighting, so the family lives this way – separated from each other. There is a mother with children who were forced to leave their home in Lugansk, now live without a father, she works as a freelance travel agent and is looking for various ways to solve the housing problem.

Another mother with two children shared – she moved from Alchevsk to Luhansk region and still can not find work with her major, so the family burden of material support falls on her husband. Also, some children after the moving found the diseases that need to be treated, and therefore the family needs humanitarian assistance. “Being in such diverse difficult circumstances, we must together look for ways to solve these pressing problems and unite,” Yanovska Yana, who is also the mother of three children, an IDP from Donetsk, noted.

While adults were talking, children with a psychologist, Svetlana Shukshina, painted wonderful pictures in which they recreated their inner world. Some wanted to stay and draw still. The successful coordinator of the projects of NGO “WFWP” Ilyina Natalia and a volunteer, founder of Komi ReikiDo in Ukraine Viktoria Romanova, helped to coordinate the workshops for children of IDP.

Moms and children were able to spend fruitful time, get acquainted with interesting people, discuss current issues. All the organizations involved in this project also had new acquaintances and impressions, and planned further cooperation.
Thank you very much for helping everyone in this project!