On November 2-5, WFWP-Ukraine representatives took part in the European summit “Role of Women Leaders and Mothers to Facilitate Integration and Cohesion in Europe”. The summit took place in Portugal and gathered more than 120 women, active governmental and public figures from almost all European nations. The program started on November 2 with the session in the Parliament, National Assembly of Portugal.

Deputies from Portugal and Spain shared about integration and cohesion situation in Europe and important role of women in it. That day program continued with the trip to Cascais town where participants could discuss “Women’s Contribution to preventing Violence and Promoting Integration” topic in the Town Hall. 

The day after program went at Lusofona University as a Public Symposium dedicated to the International crisis of refugees and migrants and Universal Rights topic. Speakers from Germany, Poland, Netherlands and other countries shared how women can contribute to such hot public issue resolving as well as to the social peace as a whole. 

The refugees and migrants topic continued in the Municipal Assembly of Loures City, where government representatives from Portugal, Spain and Italy presented new ideas for social inclusion and Safer Cities.

On November 4 all participants could take an exciting trip to the Fatima City – one of the most important catholic shrines in the world dedicated to the Virgin Mary. And in the final day of the summit WFWP-Ukraine had a chance to present its activity in front of the summit participants during the Women’s Leadership “Best Practice” Models session.